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Intangibles. What Makes Them Valuable?

It does seem odd that something you cannot see, feel or taste can have value, but intangibles, in certain instances can have great value in a sale.  We can all relate to hard assets such as land, buildings, cars, or equipment, but intangibles just are very warm and fuzzy.  Trademarks, patents, copyr...
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Six Steps to Success for Buying a Business - Steps 5 & 6

In our final installment of "Six Steps to Success for Buying a Business", you will learn about the importance of the last two steps for success:  Negotiating and Transition.Step 5: Negotiate to Win               It takes a specific skill set to successfully negotiate a deal.  At Accounting Biz Brok...
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Six Steps to Success for Buying a Business - Steps 3 & 4

This is another installment in our series "Six Steps to Success for Buying a Business".  When pursuing to buy a business, here are the next steps to follow for success.Step 3: Evaluate Resources               Evaluating resources doesn’t just mean money.  But it often does start with money.  Dete...
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Six Steps to Success for Buying a Business - Steps 1 & 2

Are you considering buying an accounting firm or tax practice? Whether you are looking to purchase to become your own boss or looking to expand your current business, buying a book of business is a big step. Success can be yours if you follow our Six Steps to Success.Step 1: Explore Your Options...
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Successfully Selling Your Firm - Step 6

Step 6-Transition. The last step we will discuss in this series is the transition phase of the deal.  The deal is inked, the parties are ready to make the transaction public and start transitioning the clients to the new owner. This is usually accomplished with the seller and buyer sending lett...
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