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 The financial dictionary defines value as “the worth of all rights arising from ownership of property.

In the case of an accounting firm or a tax practice, most likely the largest asset that will be transferred in a sale will be the intangible portion of the business, or what we commonly refer to as goodwill. But sometimes valuing an intangible becomes an even bigger task.

How do a seller and a buyer ever agree on the value of a firm?

As a seller considers placing his or her business on the market, determining the most probable selling price (asking price) for the firm is very important. Too often the owner assigns an unrealistic or arbitrary value that leads to a lack of response from buyers and the loss of valuable time in the process. This can cause frustration to both the seller and interested buyers. At Accounting Biz Brokers, we know the market and can assist you in determining the most probable selling price for your business.

Why Accounting Biz Brokers?

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We have over 30 years combined experience in facilitating the sale of over 325 accounting firms and tax practices with total sales volume in excess of $103M. We know and understand the intricacies of this specialized type of business brokerage.

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Professionalism does not mean wearing a suit or carrying a briefcase; rather, it means conducting oneself with responsibility, integrity, accountability, and excellence. We strive to offer personalized, professional services to all our clients and customers.
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Confidentiality seems to be the primary concern for both buyers and sellers. Because we understand how important it is to you, we respect your privacy and only share information as necessary.

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