Let’s face it, you know how to run your business, but it takes a very different skill set to sell a business successfully.

At Accounting Biz Brokers, LLC, our team of Certified Business Intermediaries is committed to providing personalized business brokerage services to our clients and customers. As Certified Business Intermediaries (CBIs), we have earned this prestigious designation through the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA). It is awarded to experienced and dedicated business brokers who have proven professional excellence through verified education and commitment to the industry.

Selling professional practices like yours is all we do. Through the use of targeted marketing strategies, we have developed a large database of active buyers ready to purchase.

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As a seller considers placing his or her business on the market, determining the most probable selling price (asking price) for the firm is very important. Too often the owner assigns an unrealistic or arbitrary value that leads to a lack of response from buyers and the loss of valuable time in the process. This can cause frustration to both the seller and interested buyers. At Accounting Biz Brokers, we know the market and can assist you in determining the most probable selling price for your business.
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