Branding: It’s Not Just for Cows!

As our “to do list” gets longer, we are forced to rearrange the list and let’s face it. Certain things always seem to get pushed to the bottom to be completed another day.

As a former CPA firm owner, I can tell you that the thought of branding my business was never the focus for the day. I knew I had to visit with the phone book ad salesperson once a year or run some ads in our county school yearbooks, but this did not require much more than me handing someone a business card and writing a check.

Now that I am involved in selling accounting firms and tax practices for a living, I realize that I did a poor job of marketing my CPA firm services to the public. It is too late for me but not for you! Some of these ideas listed in IContact’s blog post here may be helpful for you and implementing some of these ideas could yield measurable results for you which will equate to more revenues and more profits!

Learn from the cows. You need branding, too!

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