The sellers of this NWA CPA firm are approaching retirement but are willing to assist with a smooth transition of the firm after a sale and are seeking a CPA or EA buyer. There are so many reasons to like this firm, including a great fee structure, a nice cash flow to the owners and most of the clients’ information is handled through the portal or through a drop off/pick up system. The owners work a low number of hours in the firm making this a great quality of life business for the new owner! Price is negotiable for an all cash at closing deal.
Asking Price
Annual Gross
Revenue Breakdown:
27% Accounting and bookkeeping services
11% Payroll services
27% Income tax preparation services for individual clients
31% Income tax preparation services for business and other clients
4% Miscellaneous services, including financial statement compliance and reviews

I Want to Know More About this Listing!

I Want to Know More About this Listing!

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1. Know Your Options

Before making a purchase, know your options. Are you looking to start a business organically? Or do you want to purchase an existing firm?


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3. Evaluate Resources

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5. Negotiate to Win

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6. Transition

Post-purchase, prioritize building strong relationships with employees and clients to ensure continuity and exceed expectations, securing the success of your new venture.

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