Selling in 2016? It’s Time to Get Started!

Time is a funny thing. We all think a year is a very long period of time.  However, it is the first week of April 2016.  Christmas just seems like a couple of weeks ago and I have already planned most of my year!

We hear lots of opinions in the marketplace about the most opportune time to place a CPA firm or tax practice on the market to sell in any given year. Some feel that waiting until after the October 15th tax deadline is best, while others believe listing in July or August is best.

After selling firms for almost 12 years, I can tell you that once you make the decision to sell your business, you need to put it on the market at that time.

If someone contacts me to ask me the best time to start the process, I always tell them that now is the right time. If you want to sell your business in 2016, starting the process now could yield you a better deal. You may ask what I base that statement on.

The sales process includes many phases and they all take time; listing, marketing, negotiating, financing, contracting, closing, and transitioning to the new owner. Whew!

With this being said, if you do have an interest in selling your firm in 2016, we welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you. We can provide you with a free market analysis of your firm so you have an idea of the fair market value of the firm.  The right time is now!

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