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Selling a Firm
Christy Hudson

Navigating the Path to Success

Finding the Right Buyer for Your Firm How will I find prospective buyers? Will my employees have a job after a sale? Will my clients be well taken care of by the new owner? • Will I choose the right buyer for my business? How will I be paid for my business? As you can see, choosing the right buyer for your business is a very important decision that can have lasting effects after the

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Perception vs reality
Selling a Firm
Kathy Brents

Firm Value – Perception vs. Reality

How many times have you been convinced you knew the truth about a topic, only to discover you were wrong? Over the past 11 years, I have had numerous CPAs tell me they did not believe their firms had any value or that anyone would actually be willing to purchase their business. I have had CPAs tell me the only terms a firm could be sold under was 20% per year over 5 years, based

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