The Emotional Side of Selling or Buying a CPA Firm-Part 3

We have been discussing the emotions surrounding the sale or purchase of a CPA firm or tax practice.  We have addressed the emotion of fear. The next emotions we will address are Excitement and Sadness.   Sellers will generally vacillate between these two emotions often.  As excited as they are about the possibilities of enjoying retirement … Read more

Six Steps to Success for Buyers


Benjamin Franklin once said “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” This quote applies to most anything in life including purchasing a CPA firm or tax practice. While this 6 Step Process may not be all inclusive, it will help any buyer be well on their way to achieving success in the purchase … Read more

Buying an Existing Practice Has Its Advantages

What’s next on your horizon? If that horizon includes expansion, you should know that buying an existing practice represents a smart move for several reasons. The right firm at the right price can bring immediate advantages. Here are just a few: The hard part is done, especially if you buy a well managed, profitable business. … Read more