Sold! Wisdom for Transition

Closing is complete and the task of getting the clients and employees settled in with the new owner begins. Seller and buyer working closely together with the same goals should yield a successful, smooth transition, but it is not without potential pitfalls. No human likes change, including sellers, buyers, clients or employees. So, investing time … Read more

Marketing is Not a Dirty Word – Anymore

Long years ago when I started working in public accounting, it was not acceptable to do much marketing. It had to be considered “tasteful marketing” and we could certainly not say we were an expert! We did not have opportunities for advertising such as company websites, Facebook, Linkedin, or a blog. Our marketing was basically … Read more

What Buyers Want

In speaking with several hundred buyers in the course of the last 17 years, we have listened and understand what is most important to you. Great location Buyers prefer locations that offer easy access, ample parking, and have great visibility. These qualities will also make it easier to attract new business when potential clients are … Read more